Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fumigating the neighborhood.

This is Mike...
Fumigating the neighborhoods is taken very seriously over here. There are multiple mosquito-borne illnesses in Central America and the government is doing what it can to contain any tropical threats. The noise from the fog machines was absolutely deafening. In fact, when we initially heard them down the street we thought a helicopter was flying just above the houses. A team of 7 foggers were walking down the streets and in homes, when invited. They heavily fogged the homes, so much so that it looked as if the houses were on fire from a distance. Nearly every homeowner welcomed the foggers into their homes. We passed on the opportunity to fog our home because the gasses were wafting everywhere including around our house anyway. The air was so thick we were gagging on the fumes as it was without an in-home treatment. Remember, we are glamping here, with outdoor living it is hard to avoid what goes on outside.  

"Fog that home" says the mom.

Fog coming up through the roof in this home.

Man trying to bend the curve of illness with fog machines.

House to house fogging in the war on mosquitoes.

Father and daughter leave their home so the fogging can commence

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