Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sinsa, Nicaragua's do it yourself center

This is Mike...
Sinsa is Nicaragua's Lowe's or Home Depot and as fate would have it, is actually owned by ACE Hardware. Funny thing how smaller brands in the US are major brands outside the US. Another example of a smaller or a bi-gone brand doing well here is Radio Shack, yep Radio Shack. The developing world represents a new beginning for struggling US firms regardless of what is going on back in the states. Sinsa is a do-it-yourself center as good as any back in the US. In fact, Elise and I were greeted by all unaccompanied agents when we walked into the store. One agent even walked with us to show us around, the service was great, truly great. One other thing we liked is how Nicaragua blends the handicapped parking stalls with expectant mother parking stalls. Rather than having empty stalls they were occupied by mommies-to-be which we thought was terrific.

Handicap stalls are important but so are expectant mother stalls which we thought was great.

Selection, price and convenience.

Looks like any do-it-yourself store in the US.

More paints than one would know what to do with.

Outdoor goods available as well.

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