Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Great time with some cool guests

This is Mike...
We had some wonderful guests over here last week which made accommodating them a breeze. All of the kids were all quite emotional when it came time to leave. I guess its a good sign when everyone wanted to spend more time together even though it was time to go. Below are the pictures and videos from their, and our, week of fun.

In the video above, my girls are doing a zipline section with a guide. Sierra was videoing the action with her GoPro helmet and even gave her thumbs up during the ride. Zoe on the other hand enjoyed the carefree ride giggling and laughing down the line.

Below are some pictures of us ziplining near Mombacho National Park. 

Lia doing the upside down ride

Sierra doing the upside down ride taking pictures with her GoPro mounted on her helmet.

What the forest looks like upside down zipping through the branches.

Zoe doing the reverse upside down superman

Elise could not make it out because she had a stomach bug.

Below are some pictures and a video of our day at Laguna de Apoyo.

I am holding the paddle board so the kids can try to knock each other off of it.

Elise just cruising along on a tube

Zoe diving to depths unknown in the crystal clear lake.

Anya having fun under water.

View back to the resort from the floating dock

Tim was very happy to have some family time with his wife and kids.

Tim and Lia twisting the board so the kids would fall off into the lake.

Above, is a video of Sierra demonstrating how to jump off the floating dock (the sound quality is poor because the GoPro was in it's waterproof case)

Below are some pictures of Granada and the neat things to do and see around town.

Sight seeing on the road just outside Granada
Time out on the town

BBQ food for all to enjoy

Elise and Lia at the Mombacho cigar factory

The kids thought they were just having fun but in reality they were making memories too.

 Below are some picture of our trip to Masaya volcano.

Boiling crater
Lia, Anya, and Zoe posing at Masaya's rim
The caldron of liquid magma below

Below are some pictures from our time in San Juan del Sur and surrounding beaches.

Tim enjoying the sunset at Playa Marselle in the Aussie's house.

Two brothers, Chase and Timothy, walking along the beach

Sierra enjoying the sunset.

Walking along Playa Marselle

Zoe enjoying the open space.

Inside the very welcoming Aussie's house.

Girls posing on driftwood.

Sierra and Anya at a 900 year old petroglyph

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