Thursday, June 16, 2016

Full throttle horseback riding

This is Mike...
We decided to go horseback riding while at Selva Negra. Our trail ride started out like every other horseback riding tour we have ever been on. However, less than 100 meters outside the stables, Elise's horse bit Sierra's horse on the neck and as they say, "Off to the races we went."
It was kinda like this:
   The horses were neck and neck coming around the corner. In the lead, Zoe, screaming like she's gone mad and too short for her feet to go into the stirrups. That didn't stop Zoe from going the speed of light though, as her petite size kept her nimble on the horse. In second place, much to the glee of Sierra and Zoe, was daddy moaning and groaning still recuperating from two broken ribs, bouncing all over the horse. Mere inches away, and in third place, was Sierra and her bite victim of a horse. Sierra's horse never had more than two hoofs on the ground the entire time while flying down the coffee roads. Picking up the rear, riding the angriest horse who started all the commotion, was Elise. She was screaming for me to get Zoe, screaming at me to get Sierra just screaming at me to do something. In case it wasn't totally obvious, I was kinda busy keeping myself balanced and taking videos to notice anyone else. I guess that is one of the main difference between parents, moms are always thinking about their kids.
   After the initial adrenaline rush was over and the horses slowed down we were more or less able to control their speeds and had more fun. It has been ages since we have been allowed to run at full speed with rental horses. It was scary and nerve racking but we also had a blast.



One of the many ponds at Selva Negra.

Beautiful coffee region.

It was a clear and sunny day for riding.

It was peaceful once the horses calmed down.

Happy rider, Sierra

The 4 amigos setting off into the horizon.

Complete and utter joy while riding fast horses.

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