Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Alice in wonderland

This is Mike...
    The school had their year-end play, Alice in Wonderland, at Pan de Vida bakery on the Calzada. The performance was held in the bakery's inner courtyard, off the street, and quaint. The play started on time or thereabouts depending on how one views Granada time. The school kids were so excited to get the play started and obviously worked very hard in their roles. It was nice to finally meet the working Nica families that we have not yet had the privilege to meet. Zoe and Sierra weren't part of the performance as we arrived too late in the school year for them to participate. Watching my daughters expressions while the other kids acted their character roles was adorable. I cannot wait until the next performance happens.
   This was the second after-school function that we have attended and I have noticed that the scholarship students are sadly underrepresented. For example, at the end of school year party, only one mom and her two kids from the scholarship program attended. For the Alice in Wonderland play, I believe two scholarship families showed up. As some of you may remember from an earlier post, the scholarship students are those that have excelled academically in their impoverished schools and are given an opportunity to go to a better school. Our private school allots 1/3 of their spaces, tuition free, for scholarship students. This is paid for by raising tuition fees for those of us who can afford to pay more. I really wished that the scholarship students who work so hard, who are so appreciative, who are so friendly could have seen their childhood friends perform in the school play. Poverty's barriers are hard to overcome, even with the best of intentions. There are many challenges in life but some certainly have more to overcome than others.     

The sultry evening was perfect for the play

Alice getting a warning about the red queen.

The drama teacher even got involved playing her part as the Cheshire cat.

The family and friends of the school.

The meeting on how to deal with the red queen.

Off stage was right next to the main stage making it easy to switch scenes

Elise and transfixed Zoe watching the entertainment (sorry for the grainy image)

"Off with your head." said the red queen. "Not so fast," said Alice.

Applause all around for the students.

Two rascals role playing after the performance. All the kids had some time to run around and have fun.

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