Sunday, April 24, 2016

Is San Juan del Sur for us?

This is Mike...
We spent the weekend looking at San Juan del Sur (SJDS) as a possible place to live. I have to say we are still torn on whether Granada or SJDS would be better for us. The private school school in SJDS is as well run as any school in the U.S. In fact, the school teaches in English and devotes just one class per day for Spanish. We were really hoping to get our kids immersed in Spanish while they were in school.
    As for the community in SJDS, it is deficient in some of the basics, thus from a business standpoint might be a good place to settle. It is true that SJDS lacks charm and some vital necessities but it makes up for it with the beauty of nature and good waves. There are certainly a lot of tourist in SJDS, so finding a way to accommodate them might be a way to sustain our lifestyle. Either way, we are still conflicted on whether to go "Urban" walking community or "Rural" driving community.

Body surfers in training. 

630 in the morning waves are the best.

Watching kids have so much fun is a nice feeling for a parent to have.

Chuck, a hotel owner, moved over from N. Carolina and loves it in SJDS.

Monkeys 70 feet out of  the town.

SJDS main drag along the ocean.

Bicycle rally was going on while we were there.

The church in the main square of town.

Sundays are slow days in town.


  1. Miss you guys! Looks like you're working things out. The waves look fun. Looking forward to reading the "Travels with the Stocks" to see how the adventure plays out. We rescued a dog the other day from the Hudson Bend area and returned it to a home in a RV park that resembled the description of where you rescued the cats from. It's good to get perspective - I had no idea we had a pocket like that so close to the house. We all left there feeling very fortunate for what we have, and very sad for the dog who was returned to a life that will probably never include a flea or worming treatment.

  2. Did you visit the Australian couple? The kids are so excited about coming to see you this summer! Anya can't wait to play with the kittens! We would like to come June 28th for 6 days. We will be watching to see where you end up so we can find something as close to you as possible!