Friday, April 15, 2016

Arriving in Managua

This is Mike...
   We flew on two very full planes, both to Miami and then on to Managua. We were charged a fee for extra baggage which we richly deserved, considering we had 10 large pieces with us. Flying here in a few hours is sooo different than driving here in three months like the first time around. The airport was clean and as Elise mentioned earlier, the staff at immigration and customs were friendly an made fun of our luggage-zilla monster as we pushed it through the airport. We weren't bothered by immigration about not having return tickets, as some on Face Book had mentioned could happen. Basically, traveling with a family is a golden ticket in Latin America. Just as in our last trip, my kids horsing around are passports to easy times, which we so needed today. We have already been invited to people's houses next week and our first night is still young.
   The temperature is sultry at 96 degrees and the people here are begging for rain. We arrived to a terrible drought with many food crops failing. Fruit and vegetable prices are spiking but still very cheap by our standards. We are getting excited about visiting some schools next week for the kids, and of course we will keep everyone posted on the details, expenses, etc.

Last year at this time Mombacho volcano was wrapped with clouds every afternoon.

The grasses are kindling material at this point.

My girls are getting all grown up reading books at the airport, while tuning out the world with their headphones.

The lakes are receding and wildfires on the move.

Flying over Managua.

Droughts are costly events for farmers and ranchers alike.

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