Sunday, April 17, 2016

Granada's slower pace

This is Mike...
This produce was delivered to our house for $3.80
It's difficult to convey the differences between "Big cities" anywhere, and colonial towns. Our children feel the energy in the streets, hear the obnoxiously loud music, and smell the aroma of spices and cooked food wafting in the air. Our children also watch out for potholes in the sidewalk, the occasional passed-out pissed-on drunkard, and other similar nuisances while walking. This isn't a warmer version of Kansas, this is somewhere totally different. Most businesses here have zero internet marketing and yet still connected to WiFi. This is a land of beer deliveries, produce deliveries, anything deliveries. As long as a human can do it, it will be done for a fair price, meaning they can feed their families and you get a good deal. No droids, bots, drone deliveries, needed here.

Beer Deliveries made easy.

Eggs taste so different here, that it makes me wonder why there is such a difference with our eggs in the states. Zoe had some pineapple yesterday and said, "Oh my gosh, it tastes better than sugar. Nothing is better than this Pina!"  This is why flying here versus driving here is more of a shock to your system. Your body doesn't have that gradual build up of smells, tastes, and images. It is as if you overload the senses right away. 

   On a different note, we left huge traffic jams back home for adorable horse jams here. No joke, horse jams! Any level of urgency is not visible to the newcomer's eye. Yeah, it's true, the power goes out on occasion. In fact, water stops working for hours at a time, and fairly frequently too. We experienced these things last year and survived. We remarked back then, that it was amazing how little one needs, when not in a rush.
   The kids are slowly starting to snap out of their sadness funk, which is nice for us as parents to see. Talk of a new school and kittens helps, but so does swimming in the pool all day long, at our rental. Exercise and a change of scenery helps them to clear their minds. We will still give our kids lots of space and support to adjust with the move though.

Horse drawn veggie cart en-route to the market
Horse jam at its finest. 

Horse and buggy taxis are still widely used by locals and visitors alike.

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