Sunday, April 10, 2016

Final details before flying to Managua

This is Mike...
We either sold or packed up nearly everything and are now in the final few days before signing the closing documents and boarding the plane for Managua. We booked a temporary place to stay in Granada for the first month. Having a temporary base allows us focus on schools, cheaper longer term rentals, and to test out the community. We chose one of the many on-line resources for booking homes abroad. The rental is more expensive but does include utilities and thus minimizing our hassles for the first few weeks.

Our rental property in Grenada.

   Because of the ungodly amounts of luggage we are taking, we pre-arranged a minivan to pick us up at the airport in Managua. Part of our agreement with the kids for going abroad was they can take their most prized possessions with them on our journey. Unknown to us was just how much of their stuff was "Prized". Either way, as parents, we are happy to accommodate them on this difficult transition of losses and new beginnings.
   We are currently living, shopping and planning our days based on checklists. With so many whirling parts, checklists are the only way to know if you are actually accomplishing anything. Forwarding the mail, notifying the school, packing, and on, and on. I hate to admit it, at present, we are more "Warriors" conquering individual tasks rather than people living in the moment.

Our empty living room of many beautiful memories.

Upstairs was a kid's wonderland and is all cleaned out now.

Our kitchen was our hang out spot and is the last place to we will pack.

Our back deck that was once filled with our neighbors and friendly cheer is now empty as well.

        As for enrolling the kids in school, we scheduled a meeting with the private school administrators 4 days after arriving in Grenada. We could do homeschooling again but have decided against it, so that our kids could meet other children as quickly as possible. A few blog followers asked if we will enroll our kids in public school down there. We checked into all the options, including public schools, but they are simply bursting at the seams. In fact, public elementary classes of 50 to 60 students and only half them receiving desks is not uncommon. This is why charities like which we visited and supported last year are so important for the tiny tykes. For our school charity post from last year, visit our blog post dated, 5/14/2015 Casa de los suenos, a great charity.

Staff prepping for the lunch rush that so many of the students truly need for their daily nutrition.

Great school changing the world through deed.

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