Friday, April 29, 2016

Tengo dos costillas rotas (I have two fractured ribs)

This is Mike...
Well, now that I am able to walk a little better I went down to the radiology center to determine what is going on with my ribs. They took an X-ray image and it appears I have two hairline fractures on the 11th rib and also on the false rib just below. The doctor informed me of some options like wearing a girdle-type garment to hold my ribs and stomach snug. He also mentioned getting a CT scan to determine if other measures are necessary. Right now, I will pass on both options as I could not even imagine wearing anything tight like a girdle in this climate nor do I see obtaining a CT is of any value. I will continue popping opioid pain meds until I either become a great artist or my bowels explode due to constipation. Even after consuming biblical amounts of Miralax, the fact I cannot squeeze my stomach leaves me in a tough position, if you know what I mean.  
   The experience was as positive as one could expect given that I had to visit a doctor. Having said that, the total waiting time for an unscheduled visit was under 30 minutes. Fees, including doctor visit and X-ray were $20 out the door.

X-ray tech

I am holding the X-ray image.

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