Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kittens and touring schools

This is Elise.  It is a different world here.  Going from a place where people buy organic treats for their pets to a place where people don't have money for an $8 flea and tick bath is an adjustment and it will take time.  The lady we got the kittens from lived in an incomplete house, missing some windows and nearly all of the finishings one would expect for a home.  She was feeding these very young and tiny kittens hard, dry adult dog food and they don't have the teeth to chew.  They were covered in ticks and fleas and had worms.  We can't find any kitten food but we are giving them canned food and treating them for parasites.  A far cry from the animal shelter in Austin where the strays are well cared for.  Sierra is worried that her kitten isn't that cute but I assured her it would get cuter as it gets healthier and its coat fills in and gets shiny.  The smiles on both the girls faces as they went to sleep last night makes it all worthwhile.

Tikka, Sierra's kitten
Tibbs, Zoe's kitten

We toured two private schools yesterday, one urban and one rural and liked them both. The rural school doesn't have any girls in 4th grade for Sierra which was a bummer since we liked it more. Good news is both private schools have small class sizes with a lot of personal attention. We are going to drive south to San Juan del Sur in the next few days to check the schools there as well. We want to be sure the place we pick is without regrets.

In town school

Rural school

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  1. Both of those kitties are adorable! I am happy Sierra & Zoe already have them.