Friday, April 22, 2016

Initial first week expenses

This is Mike...
Here are some of our first week expenses based on an exchange rate of 28 Cordobas to the dollar . Though these expenses are for a family of 4, I would imagine that adding or subtracting a couple people would still be around the same cost. Some of these expenses will be reoccurring while others won't but still gives an idea of what to expect in the first week. In the case of groceries, we do have a few days of supplies still available that will go beyond the first week. Thus, we could have spent less if we chose to. Regarding supplies, we did purchase items for the kitchen, toiletries and other non food items. By prorating the rental, the initial first week expenses came out to $709.59. 

Private minivan from airport, $70 after tip
Various tips for luggage handling etc. $12
House delivered fruits and veggies, $20.68
Groceries and supplies (including cat stuff) $199.42 we still have enough groceries for about 3 days.
24 Yoga sessions and 1 month gym membership for Elise, $49
Massage for one hour $31
SIM card for my iPhone with additional minutes $15.82
Multiple in-town taxi rides $8.73 
Vacation rental $1100 for the month which equates to $275 a week.
2 Dinners out for family of 4,  $26.80
Three 5 gallon water bottles delivered to house $5.90
Ice cream, shakes and smoothies $10.38
Multiple stops for fresh pastries at our favorite spot $6.70
Two "Free" kittens, dipped and treated by the veterinarian for every parasite known to man $14.30

Clean supermarket right around the corner from our rental.

Well stocked shelves at this supermarket.

Similar to any grocery store in the U.S.

Taxi driver and her son picked us up from the airport in Managua.

Our favorite smoothie shop is located just off the main tourist street in town. Large fresh fruit smoothies run about $2.


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