Friday, April 15, 2016

Leaving Home

This is Mike... We had a hectic time packing right up to the end, but we did it! In the last few days I was so tired that I slept everywhere I sat down for more than 30 seconds. We were all pooped from our emotions, physical work and mental exhaustion of planning and re-planning.
   Our neighbors helped us a ton, from moving furniture, prepping meals for us to eat, to outright invites for dinners and cocktails. The help our neighbors gave us will never be forgotten. Having said that, few things in life are as uniquely difficult as saying good bye to loved ones. We were so blessed to have had neighbors whose doors were wide open, both literally and figuratively. To you we say, "Nuestra casa es su casa."

All dressed up for the airport ride at 430am. The Anderson's made our last night and trip to the airport worry free.
 This is Elise.  We made it to Granada safely after a long day of travel.  I was worried that I would have second thoughts when we got here.  It's not as clean and pretty as Steiner Ranch but for some reason, I really like it here.  Even the guy at immigration was nice.  I had no trouble changing some money and going grocery shopping.  I can walk everywhere here. I did take a cab back from the grocery store because the bags were heavy.  It cost 10 Cordobas for the taxi ride (at 28 Cordobas to the dollar.)  It's hot but the plunge pool cooled me right down then I swayed in the hammock with my wet bathing suit.  So relaxing.

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