Thursday, March 31, 2016

As long as we support each other

 This is Mike...
We are now two weeks away from our move date to Nicaragua and the emotions are starting to set in on each of us. Our kids are crying at unexpected times and we as parents are bracing for our own emotional moments yet to come. Guilt plays its part on us as we wonder if we are doing the right thing. Sadness plays its part on us as well, seeing some of our places for the last time. Loss is something that we all experience but it never seems to get any easier. If we had not done our exploratory trip last year we would have gotten cold feet by now. So for anyone considering moving abroad with children visit the place first as a family.
   We are getting wonderful feedback and questions from many of the blog followers. Most of the questions we are receiving are of a practical nature regarding expenses, schools, transportation, and infrastructure. We will be breaking things down as we experience them and will be providing pictures with descriptions.
   As for our expectations going forward:
We are targeting about $2,000+/- a month for total living expenses which includes private school and local transport. If we stay in Granada we are hoping not to buy a car and walk, take taxis, or ride bikes everywhere. We may buy a scooter though, because I think they are cool and would allow us to go greater distances. We have checked into purchasing a car though it is not our first choice. If you are  considering getting a nationalized vehicle, there is a man whom I cannot name out of San Juan del Sur, who can be found on Expats of Nicaragua Face Book group who can get it done for you.
   Our primary focus will be finding friends for our kids. So, whether we decide on one city over the other, playmates will come first in our decision making process. It is difficult hearing our children cry but through it all I can still hear the echos of their giggles and laughter from our last trip. As my wife says, "Though we sometimes have doubts, as long as we support each other, we can do this."
Four chairs without a table. Somehow, this describes our feelings right now to a tee.

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  1. I am so excited for you guys! I feel like we can relate to your family. Moving, no matter where to, is hard and emotional. As you know from your visit here, we picked Steiner and our new neighborhood in Florida for the kids. It is well worth it!