Sunday, June 7, 2015

Adios Playa Samara

This is Mike...
We left Samara town today and headed further south down the peninsula to Paquera. Here are some images below. 

On the way to Playa Buena Vista turtle conservation station (ASVO) the girls found the large leaves of the trees to be quite entertaining. The walk was about a kilometer on a well maintained path through the beach and coastal wetlands. ASVO had turtle eggs in incubation under the sand but no hatchlings for us to see. It is very important to stay on the path as large crocodiles are in the watering holes around here.
A local fisherman caught multiple fish only using a hand line and lure.

Fisherman waited until low tide to go fishing in what I can only say is a giant tide pool. The bigger fish got trapped in this section of water and the anglers using only hand lines and lures caught their dinner. This was an ingenious and effective technique similar in concept to Hawaiian fish ponds. 

The buzzards on the beach patiently waiting for the guts, tails and heads the fisherman leave behind after cleaning their fish on the beach.

It was really nice to see the locals enjoying the beach on Saturday afternoon. They brought their own hammocks to tie on the coconut trees, as well as food that was to be grilled while everyone played in the water. The food smelled great and the beach brought people together for happy times.

I tried to take a picture of the butterflies on this bush to no avail. On our drive through the jungle today we saw literally millions of butterflies. We were reminded that there are still beautiful spots left in the world that are still natural and awe inspiring.
The girls overlooking the bay below from our hotel on the hill (Hotel Vista las Islas). The island in the background is Isla de Tortugas which is known for it's snorkeling and of course turtles. We like it here as it is only 5 minutes into town in case we need anything and also the animal life is in the canopy just below us allowing us a different perspective for viewing.  

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