Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nicaragua with Friends

Lia and Chase came out to visit us for a week and a half over Chase's 18th birthday. They had a blast doing lots of exciting things. Here are some of their photos and memories. Chase had such a good time he decided to continue with us through Costa Rica and into Panama.

Street food in Leon

Streets are alive with vendors

Eating dinner at the Parque Central, Leon

Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro

It was quite windy atop the volcano

Flying down the volcano and leaving a dust trail

A view from atop Cerro Negro

A steep volcano that had to be climbed by foot

The cloud forest of Mombacho Volcano

The cinder valleys of Mombacho are very nice

Zip line adventure high in the canopy

We all had a blast doing the zip line

Mike doing the superman

Zoe cruising at nose bleed altitude

Chase doing the upside down boogie

Lia doing the upside boogie as well

Elise doing the easy rider

Zoe chilling like a villain

Chase was completely upside down flying through the forest 
Sierra staying tranquil

Sierra did the upside down boogie as well
Looking down into our pool from the second story.

Chase on a hammock in Granada Chilling out

The indoor pools are a hit in Granada

The Granada rental was spacious
A horse drawn hearse

The horse drawn hearse is still used in today's Granada. This one was empty though.
View of Granada roof line from our rental house

Lia and Chase explored this bat cave on Masaya volcano

Sunset view atop Masaya volcano for mother and son

Having fun one adventure at a time

A fruit vendor came by to sell her goods

Vent from Masaya volcano

Masaya crater in the background

Spelunker Chase 

Lia enjoying the open spaces

Fruits delivered right to the front door

The girls checking out the merchandise

Sierra and Zoe really like the dragon fruit

Dinners were always a family effort with everybody chipping in.

Pad Thai noodles with veggies and a delicious salad
A white faced Capuchin monkey hanging over the water on Monkey Island

Zoe getting close to the monkeys

Lia fed a monkey an Oreo

Lia and Chase in Lago Apoyo

Chase's 18th birthday in Granada


Chase and I bought fish right from the boat on Marselle Beach Nicaragua

5 beautifully prepared snapper for about $4

Chase was a fish fileting master by the time the day was done

We met very nice folks from Australia a couple weeks ago on Marselle Beach

Chase holding the fresh catch

Lia all dressed up and ready to go to the airport

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  1. OMGoodness! Volcano boarding? Who knew that was even a thing! How spectacular. What an awesome adventure. Where do you think you will be in August?