Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Playa Papaturro

Playa Papaturro was an unexpected gem for us to see. This gorgeous place is just west of La Cruz in northwestern portion of Costa Rica. We got turned on to this place as we heard so many good things about Guanacaste National Park. We were driving on roads that were not on our map or GPS so we were in uncharted areas for sure. Glad that we did this as some of the most spectacular beach settings are here and that is saying a lot. This area is a hotbed for windsurfers and has some accommodations but nothing like a developed area. There are a few high-end hotels in the area but mostly casual-style accommodations are here. If you like big cats like pumas or jaguars they can be found in this area. Some people have photographed the big cats sunbathing on the roads which I thought was really cool.

Placid and clear waters of Salinas Bay

Not one person north

Not one person south

Four wheel drive is a must here as it is all beach sand.

Zoe using her umbrella to walk as her back still hurts from the bad fall at the playground.

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