Sunday, June 7, 2015

Butterflies and joy

This is Mike...
   Our original idea for our blog was to use Photos paired with text to convey what's going on. We feel reading a story and seeing the pictures is better than having to watch the awkward pauses most videos have. In this case, we tried multiple times to get pictures to no avail.
   To set the stage, we were driving on a dirt road in the southern portion of Nicoya Peninsula and we kept driving by thousands and thousands of butterflies. We stopped the car a few times to get pictures but each time the butterflies in the pictures just blended in with the background. That is when we stopped to take a video instead, and as you will see, what beauty ensued. We were touched by the millions and millions of butterflies we drove through, by and past. Here is just a small segment of what we saw on our drive, on this, the first video of our blog.   

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