Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back in Costa Rica

This is Mike..
We had a great time visiting Lia and her son Chase and are happy Chase decided to stay and see the Central America for the next few weeks. We entered Costa Rica a couple weeks ago so my car permit would not expire midway through Lia and Chase's stay in Nicaragua, which would have been embarrassing. As we re-entered Nicaragua we wondered how we would feel after spending time there previously. As we suspected, our time with the Nicas (Nicaraguans) was great. It is funny how the vast majority of the Nicas find a way to smile and brighten your day. There were, however, the beggars and sort that co-mingle to dampen the day as well.
   We were able to see some cool stuff and experience the fun through new eyes. Life is good and seeing the smiles from our friends reassures us of that. Some of the highlights of their trip were highlights of our as well. For me, it was amazing to swim with bio-luminescence for the first time at the Australians beach house. Yeah that's right, we swam with the bright little buggers and truly was like playing with pixie dust. The kids tried catching the critters in their shirts and was quite amusing since we were all swimming in the ocean under an almost new moon in the dark. I will never forget the shrills and thrills of the little ones having fun that night.
   We are now back up and running on the blog and will continue regular posts. As for now, we are in Costa Rica and will head towards Panama sometime end of the week.            

Chase and I buying fish from the fishing boat on the beach. How awesome and fresh is that?

5 snapper $4, experience showing Chase how to prepare the fish, priceless.

They are going native and Chase gathered firewood on a quad racing through the sand.

Big Crocs some as long as 20 feet right below us

Jaco beach

Chase dangling over a 100 foot cliff

Sierra chilling, Zoe wondering if I know how to operate the camera

Chase walking out to some cool waves

Chase liked the open expanse of beach near Estrellios Este

My kids play with any dog

Sierra speaking Spanish to this guy

Zoe singing Spanish to this guy

Dad (A.K.A. Chubby Hubby) with the kids

The girls love a Pipa (coconut)

So many shells so little time

A picture says it all

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