Monday, June 8, 2015

Bio-luminescence and night Kayaking

This is Mike...
We came to Paquera for the bio-luminescent waters this area is known for. This is one of a few areas in the world where every night of the year can offer some degree of bio-luminescence in the water. We went out as a family, with guides, in 3 kayaks into the dark ocean and tiny creepy bays. To say it was spooky is an understatement, not to mention how out of shape we were paddling those kayaks for 2 hours. There were fish jumping all around us, and even into the kayaks. The fish were responding to the bio-luminescent light shows we were creating with our movements. To add some drama there was a tremendous lightning storm above us with deafening thunder. All I could think of was we might look like great shark food out there, especially since the glowing lights were giving off our locations. Kayaks have little holes in the floor to allow water the ability to escape the kayak. The little holes in the kayak also allowed the creatures (dinoflagellates) which produce the lights into our kayaks. Zoe and Sierra were splashing the water in the kayaks trying to get the glowing water on them as well. On our way back to our car, Elise and I saw a sting ray below our kayak light up the dinoflagellates as he swam by. It was eerily beautiful and surreal, as Elise said, "It was weird."          
Here is Sierra splashing the water on the floor of the kayak to light up the luminescent water.
Every paddle stroke gave us a light show and the bottom of our kayak was lit up as well.

Dragging your hand in the water was like magic.

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