Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last day in SJDS

Here are some images from our last full day in San Juan del Sur, it was a nice time.

The girls decided to dance in the sand and the locals loved the show.

I met Kenneth Nakai from Hawaii Island, he owns a plate lunch restaurant in SJDS (sum ono da kau kau). He has been living 8 years in SJDS and loves the 300 plus days of surf per year.  

Sunsets are so nice here, this is where the Pacific beats the Caribbean.

Yes, it's as steep as it looks. Our hike up to see the statue of Jesus over SJDS.

A great view from atop the cliff.

My wife did not burst into flames under the statue of Jesus so I guess she is a keeper.

Tranquil bay

Bays to the north of SJDS

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