Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back in Nicaragua

   We drove back into Nicaragua a few days ago in anticipation of Elise's good friend, Lia and her son, who will be arriving today in Managua. Getting a fresh perspective of Nicaragua was good and reaffirmed our pleasant feelings for this country. So many happy people and smiles, yet again. Even the border control guys were smiling and joking with us. How cool is that? Going back to San Juan del Sur was like going home. Heck even the same stray dog, "Nica" was there waiting for us.
   We took some time to visit beaches and sights we didn't see last time and were happy to meet some expats from Australia. We were strolling along the beach and out of a thatched roof home comes a man and we start to have a conversation, 7 hours and many beers later we went home feeling good :) We loved Paul and Charlee's bamboo house and the girls loved playing with their 8 years old daughter and friend. Here's to good mates and good times.

Sunset view from the Aussie's bar

Upstairs in the living room

Master bedroom of tranquility

Open air lifestyle

Kids make friends in short order

View of Marselle Beach and submarine rock

Mommy rounding up the kids for dinner
While in SJDS the the girls used Dragon fruit for lipstick while I ate the delicious fruit.

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