Friday, April 10, 2015

Adios Belize

This is Mike...
We had fun in Belize and will never forget the fond memories. The people were great and we never had any issue with security the whole time. It is also such a great experience to be able to speak English everywhere. We can see why so many expats are moving there; for cost, lifestyle, or whatever makes them happy.

Roughing it at the Green Parrot on Maya Beach

Not so easy to turn a bus without a front axle :)

Sunrises were very nice on the coast. The kids got up earlier than us to run out on the beach to watch the sun come over the horizon, it was so sweet to watch them filled with so much life.

The girls made friends with the caretaker's daughters who spoke perfect Mopan-Maya and English. The kids clicked so well together that when we checked into the rental they left us after five minutes to play with the other kids. We saw them 6 hours later when it was dinner time. 

Kids around the world are mesmerized when it comes to watching a Disney movie
The coolest gas pump! I had to take a picture of it. (for boats and cars to fill up in Placencia)

Laughing Bird Caye is a beautiful national park


Zoe and Sierra liked Laughing Bird Caye because of all the barracuda in the water 

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