Monday, April 13, 2015

Luna Jaguar Hot Springs

This is Mike...
About 45 minutes drive north of Copan are the hot springs of Luna Jaguar. You literally drive on dirt roads through water and up incredible grades of washed out roads. Our 4X4 was engaged the entire time and often in a low gear. But, in the end, the drive was worth it especially pulling into a valley with cascading, steaming waterfalls with an river running through it. The imagery was amazing and the pictures don't do it justice, especially with all the cicadas blaring their music in the trees.

Los Rancheros doing their thing on the main road towards town.

The Honduran highlands are very similar to Makawao or Waimea in Hawaii

The entrance to the hot springs start with going through a tunnel that symbolize Xibalba (the Mayan underworld)

You don't want to go the wrong way in Xibalba

The girls applied a therapeutic mud mask in the warm waters and they all looked younger. In fact, I could not tell them apart after they were through with the thermals :)
The hot springs are integrated with the natural surroundings as you walk on the hillside between different temperature pools.

Luna Jaguar tries hard to preserve the history of the site

The girls living the life of Goldilocks for the afternoon searching for just the right temperature pool

David Suzuki, if you are out there, this one is for you. 110 degree water rushing on the back is just like that Furo in Naha, Okinawa.

Calgon take me away
It is amazing seeing the steam rise in the forest from the cascades. The water coming out of the spring is 180 F (85 C) and is dangerously hot. There is a nearby cold water river and Luna Jaguar pipes a mixture of water in each pool for different temperatures. You can truly have the perfect temperature just like Goldilocks    

If this road looks like it is going up, up, up, it is

Cattle grazing and coffee production are big in this area

School let out and the school bus was full so this 10ish year old student hopped on the side of the bus, which was speeding on a very bumpy road for the ride home. We see people doing the most amazing things everyday and it is totally normal to them

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  1. The pictures looks like the set of an Indiana Jones movie. Honduras is beautiful. Hot Springs...thats what I'm talking about. Dave is jealous. He will never forget the furo in Okinawa. A bottle of Awamori and he is good to go.