Saturday, April 11, 2015

Driving on crazy dangerous roads

This little truck has 3 cows in the back (way too top heavy). Notice the droplets on the windshield, that is cow urine. No joke, the cow pissed and it went all over our car. Elise and the kids were laughing until I said they have to help me unload the roof at our next stop, than I was laughing. However, it down poured shortly after this and all was clean again. As a side note, later in the day we met a lady who said she saw one of these trucks flipped over cattle and all.      

One of the many vehicles that lost control after the downpour. We gave up taking pictures after we saw a wrecked vehicle an hour along the road. They drive too fast for the type of road their on.

Zoe on Dramamine because of the winding roads

I used my 9000 lb. winch on a vehicle that lost control and ended up floor board deep in mud.

We drove by this wreck and were compelled to help extract the vehicle. It was a bit daunting because I was not sure how to say, "place your car in neutral" in Spanish. All of the people here except for the driver are residents trying to help a stranger, which is awesome. The people were very appreciative of our help. They noticed the Texas plates and as we were leaving a young man shouted "Viva Texas!" as I honked the horn and waived to the crowd. Sam Houston, If you are up there, I hope you are proud. 

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