Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Las Sepulturas

This is Mike...
Las Sepulturas is special because it is a village near the Copan mega-structure. This is where the regular Maya lived, essentially the suburbs of the day. This appears to be the only such neighborhood found by archeologists to date. The village had an intricate water waste system to push out everything during rainstorms. Also, many of the homes had small alters and food storage areas and were comfortable for their day. The scribes and artisans were highly prized and would have lived in accommodations such as this. The other, not so well off working stiffs lived in simple wooden structures that have since completely deteriorated.
I'll take a 3 bed 2 bath unit with a view, it must have a view.

Hey neighbor, when is cocktail thirty?

Enjoying the walk with two remarkable girls

Are those ants on the tree?

Nope, those are one inch thorns all over the trunk. I finally found a tree Zoe won't climb.

This is the elusive MotMot bird with its long colorful tail feathers. Elise spotted this and we observed it for several minutes and enjoyed the noise it makes. We ascertained the name comes from the noise it makes, motmot, motmot.

Looking for sour creme and onion Pringles? We were the only tourists in this entire site. We have seen very few tourists to date but this was weird. Elise was happy to see a machine gun wielding soldier at the entrance. Without him we would not have visited this site as it would have given us ibbie jibbies to be alone in the jungle with boisterous kids.  

The carvings are so well preserved in this climate

Amazing art is all over the place

The kids standing in front of a bed
The superb glyphs and plaster are worth noting on this image

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