Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adios Copan

This is Mike...
Tomorrow we will be leaving Copan, Honduras for Antigua, Guatemala. Sundays are the best days to cross the borders because of the big rig traffic. We are looking forward to cooler days over there as it has been in the 90's in Copan. This hilly little colonial town has been a very nice experience for us, especially since we never thought about coming here originally. I guess this is proof about keeping an open mind while traveling.    
The world goes by slowly in these small, timeless, colonial towns

Overlooking a residential part of town

Hillside homes abound in this town

Some of these super steep roads give San Francisco a run for the money

We visited an awesome bird sanctuary that rehabilitates native birds for eventual release back to the wild. If they can survive on their own, they are released. If they cannot fend for themselves they are kept in a safe area with large aviaries and other companions. Above, is the endangered Great Green parrot, native to the Mosquito coast of eastern Honduras, and a real beauty.

Toucans are very smart and cute. Zoe enjoyed holding this guy and talking with it.
The Parrots mate for life and live for a half a century or more, not ideal for pets. These refuges end up with unwanted pets or injured wild birds hit by cars, fall out of nests while chicks, etc. The bird Sierra is holding, above, is making a nice recovery but might not return to the wild because it is so friendly towards humans.

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