Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring has arrived at my friend's farm

Spring usually means longer days, baby animals, and in most places, better weather. One of the best places to appreciate spring, is on a farm. We had the privilege of going to our friend's farm, just outside Granada, after their busy birthing season. The girls played with lots of chicks, pelibuey lambs, assorted fowl, horses and a very watchful and caring German Shepherd, named Dino. The German Shepherd made sure all of the chicks were protected. On several occasions, Dino literally followed stray chicks, snout to beak, making sure the chicks could find their way back again. The whole scene was so adorable considering the size difference, and Dino's absolute devotion for babies of a different species. Dino truly watched and cared for the chicks as if they were his own pups.    

Dino was making sure this couple day old chick did not veer too far from her clutch.

Pelibuey sheep with their lambs.

A bonding experience.

Lambs are cuddly, but I can do without their constant bleating for sure.

Happy wife equals a happy life.

What's there not to like?

Spring is in the air.

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