Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painted Pony trail ride

Painted Pony Tours are just 5 minutes from Granada but feels like it's a world away. Sierra and Zoe take regular riding lessons here, so are somewhat experienced for their age. For Lia's younger children it was their first time alone on horse back. Once everyone mounted their horses, Lia started to worry about her kids. Soon thereafter, genuine panic set in, as a caring mother was put in an uncertain situation for her kids. I was so impressed with how the staff of Painted Pony Tours recognized the issue and tethered each of her kid's horses to a cowboy's saddle. And as quickly as the panic began, for Lia, it was over. Her kids got to ride and mommy felt at ease. Elise and I were so impressed with Lia's ability to regroup from that moment of sheer panic and to continue with the ride for her kids. As it turned out, they all enjoyed the sunset ride to the rim of Apoyo. We would easily recommend Painted Pony Tours, not only for experienced riders, but for all who wish to experience the thrill of horseback riding in paradise.  

Pre-chat prior to mounting the horses.

Mis vaqueras pequenas.

Anya moving out for the ride.

A much happier mom once her children's horses were tethered to a cowboy's saddle. 

The view from the rim of Apoyo.

Riding back at sundown.


  1. Thank you for the amazing adventures we had on our journey in Nicaragua. We got to venture out on the horses which was a blast and cant wait to have another outstanding visit with you all.

    1. That was from my son, Tim O'Neill 12yrs

  2. Well, I cannot deny that I had a bit of a panic attack at the beginning of our ride (I got separated from my 9 yr old daughter for a short time, and turns out my horse got separated from her daughter as well!) My daughter later assured me that while I was gone, the staff was very comforting and reassuring. She had no worries at all and had the best time ever and is asking when she will ride again. The horses were beautiful, well trained, and well taken care of. I only wish we could have stayed longer for lessons for all 3 of my children. Thank you again to Mike, Elise, and the staff at Painted Pony for being so patient with me as a first time rider.