Thursday, March 16, 2017

Butterfly Reserve, Granada

Prior to my arrival back home, the gang went out to the Butterfly Reserve. Though, I wasn't there, I did get an earful about their visit. Essentially the reserve is a place for raising butterflies for release back into the wild. There were plenty of newly molted adults and plenty of butterfly cocoons to see. The kids enjoyed the varied colors of the butterflies and loved watching the young butterflies stretch their wings for the first time. The kids did find some time, between the butterflies, to play jump rope with a fallen vine. The kids also thought it would be neat for me to meet the nice butterfly-guy and have a BBQ with him. They said we had a lot in common and that we would get along well. What the heck, I am always open for a good steak, right? Bottom line, the Butterfly Reserve was a hit with the under 45 crowd.      

The forest jump rope

Newly molted butterflies.

La Ceiba trees grow to massive sizes.

The wings slowly stretched and straightened during a butterfly's most vulnerable time.

Family fun.

Kids were taught the correct way to hold a butterfly without harming their wings.

Handle with care.

Mom and son enjoy some quality time.

Zoe prefers for the butterflies to approach her. 

A startled look when a butterfly stumbles and struggles to fly for the first time. 

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  1. We truly enjoyed our morning here. The owner, Gene, was such a personable southern gentleman from St. Augustine, Florida. He was happy to chat all day or leave us to hang by ourselves. The kids were in awe as they saw a butterfly being born, and learning to pump out it's wings. Really an amazing sight to see for anyone! A beautiful array of butterflies and plants were all around us. The kids had a great time playing jump rope with a tree vine for the longest time!