Thursday, March 16, 2017

Laguna de Apoyo day trip

While Lia and family were in town we decided to go out to Laguna de Apoyo for one of their days. Since the crater lake is only 20 minutes from downtown Granada it makes for a nice and easy get away from the city. The kids love the placid waters for kayaking and snorkeling. There are quite a few places to stay along the lakeside so research the resorts prior to going so that you can find the perfect spot for you. Even though the water is calm the shoreline drops quickly once you're in the water. For all kayaking and inner tubes rides a life jacket is required. Playing in Laguna de Apoyo is a great way to spend a day if you are in the Granada area.

Lia getting the kids ready for the kayak ride.

Zoe demonstrating her life jacket.

Sierra and Anya preparing for their kayak adventure. 

Moment of truth.

Sierra and Timothy going out for a paddle.

Good food and great friends, what can be better?

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  1. Mike,
    We had the BEST day ever here! The weather is always great, the wonderful staff are so friendly, accommodating, and,eager to accommodate. The food is delicious and I always feel completely safe having the children relax and enjoy all the amenities and comfy hammock spots without being a Helicopter parent the whole time.