Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leaving Asheville

  Well, I am quickly approaching the end of my stay here in Asheville. I have to say, this is one cool town with big city amenities and an earthy organic core. Since, I am essentially looking for a business to buy, and will remain an absentee owner, price does effect our final decision. Simply put, the market is booming here, and finding any deals will be difficult, at best. Having been in Asheville many times, now, I feel it is kinda like a second home, and I certainly see why so many people want to live here.
   Tomorrow, I will be heading back to Evansville, Indiana to speak with some more realtors before going back to Nicaragua. One thing the United States has going for itself, is data. The data is usually complete and allows one to look at a business to see if potential exists. I know, data can be misleading, but at least it is there for those who request it. Contrast that to Nicaragua, where reliable business records are like finding the tooth fairy, it is quite refreshing to see real numbers. Speaking of Nicaragua, accounting is deliberately vague because paying income taxes is largely a voluntary affair. So, one takes the good with the bad, when it comes investing abroad. If anyone is looking at buying a business in Nicaragua, be skeptical and be patient. There are deals out there, but they truly take time to discover, so take it easy.
   After scrutinizing three locations, within three states, I can safely write off Western Colorado. Moreover, from a business perspective, Indiana is hard to beat, though caution is prudent there as well. As a side note, it was nice to see the three cities, as markets, instead of vacation spots, for it shed a different light on each community. Having said that, I am very excited to be going back to Granada and making our next decision as a family.  
  Below are pictures of Asheville and surroundings:

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