Thursday, March 16, 2017

Homemade corn tortillas

Making handmade corn tortillas is a wonderful way to get the kid's attention focused during the afternoon hours. Lia always wanted to make handmade tortillas and what better place to learn the skill then in front of 5 kids. No pressure here, just good ole elbow grease along with Taylor Swift songs playing in the background. Funny enough, our neighbor's mom is an expert tortilla maker and could have shown us easy shortcuts. But as they say, "The journey is half the fun." Sometimes just figuring it out on the fly is the most memorable way to do things. Lia had a great idea to make handmade tortillas and watching the kids so eager to participate was awesome.

Assembly line of tortilla greatness.

Three masterpieces in the pan, and yes, that is a tube of lard near the spatula.

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  1. I could not ask for a better memories of making corn tortillas for the first time, than doing so in Nicaragua! I think we did a fantastic job at first try, and for the record....we made 3 batches and ate them all! They did not function and roll like well made ones, but rather worked well as tostadas that never got soggy! We will treasure this memory (including all the heart shaped and oblonged tortillas for sure) So fun!