Thursday, March 16, 2017

Aguas Agrias' crystal clear waters

   The water was so clear at Aguas Agrias, that at times, it felt as if we were flying instead of swimming and I was not the only one to feel that way. The shadows on the river bottom were just as crisp and vivid as the shadows on the forest floor. The water, was as if, it was never there and everywhere all at once. Moreover, the depth and clarity were not in relation like a normal river. Thus, it was difficult to accurately judge depth and distances while under water? It is so difficult to describe how the water's clarity impacted our spacial awareness, but it did.
   While standing in the river, we all commented on how the rushing water from the aquifer was pushing up though the river bottom with immense pressure. We were equally touched by the area's scenic beauty, serenity and the forces of nature that made this place possible.
   Aguas Agrias is a rural agricultural community with an oasis, right smack in the middle of it. Visiting this gem is not only a good experience for you, but for their community as well, for this is "Fair Travel" in action. The natural springs are managed by a cooperative of local farmers working to ensure the health of the river system. Since the aquifers need the forest to recharge and the community needs the aquifer for revenue, a wonderful eco-friendly balance is achieved. For visitors who make it out this far, they can expect to see a community who wants you there and takes your safety and satisfaction seriously. The community maintains the trails, clears debris, and even has a spartan snack shop near the entrance. We were the only visitors there, with the exception of three local boys, who were quite amused by us and wanted to show off their diving skills to an audience.
   One can expect to see a troop of howler monkeys playing in the trees close to the water's edge. For us, as we were leaving the springs, high in the trees above us, the troop of monkeys decided to pee in unison and rain on our parade. Thankfully, Lia saw what they were doing and shouted, "They're peeing on us!" just in time for us to run away and miss the flying urine. We had a good laugh but probably would not have had the same reaction if they had actually hit their target. Another thing to prepare for are the mosquitoes which are both plentiful and ravenous. Bring repellent, you will not be sorry. We forgot our repellent and each of us paid the price, in blood. During dry season any car will get you Aguas Agrias. However, in rainy season, this is strictly four wheel drive country because of two arroyos, so plan accordingly.

This video shows how the water pressure from the springs push the pebbles as it rushes through the river floor. The constantly replenishing water is why this place is nearly always crystal clear.

Stunning underwater views

Zoe horsing around with the GoPro under water. 

A very special place indeed.

Playing a mermaid is fun in settings like this.

Lia and Sierra enjoyed having a chat. 

Elise liked how peaceful place was.

The boys were happy to share their Eden with us.

Hanging out in the shallower section down stream.

The water temperature was refreshing but not cold.

The main gate, with foreigner entrance costing $2 a person. 

A country traffic jam on the way back to Granada.

The path during dry season to the springs below. 

Happy peeps.

Cannon ball!

The girls had fun jumping in the water.

One of the local boys showing off his diving skills.

A beautiful lagoon on the lower end of the park.

Daddy daughter hike in the forest. 

The shadows penetrating the water's clarity played tricks on us after a while.

The southern side of Mombacho volcano during dry season.

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  1. Mike,
    This spot was really a hidden treasure!! We all had so much fun and had never experienced anything like it. So much adventure, excitement, and family oriented good times. I am always so appreciative, and feel so blessed that we are family and share such wonderful times together!
    Lia O'Neill (Chase, Timothy, Anya)