Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hostal la Mexicana's artisanal Greek yogurt

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As many of the longer term blog followers probably already know, I seldom praise eating establishments for doing their jobs. In fact, over the last 18 months I recommended only one other restaurant. I prefer to speak of regional areas of interest rather than any individual eatery.
   About a week, ago a great friend of ours recommended a place that makes artisanal handcrafted yogurts, in Granada. We just so happen to love all-natural products and yogurts especially. My daughters and I went down to Hostal la Mexicana, and purchased two one kilo containers of their famous Greek yogurt. The girls and I went home, popped open a container, scooped out individual portions and drizzled honey on top. We were immediately transported to a rich and creamy dairy heaven and knew we stumbled upon perfection. When you eat something that puts a smile on your face and raises you eyebrows, you know it's good. I personally ate 3/4 of a kilo of plain flavored Greek yogurt within hours of opening that container.
   The owner, Ilias Georgiou, is from the province of Macedonia, in northern Greece. He uses the old world techniques to enhance the traditional flavors of his yogurt. The finished product is only as good as the ingredients though. Which is why Ilias goes out of his way to ensure the best ingredients for each of his products. Thus, buying his all natural yogurt products,  directly translates into helping the local dairy farmers in central Nicaragua. Which in turn encourages those farmers to use better and more sustainable methods to ensure quality. So, each container of yogurt one consumes not only stimulates good intestinal flora but also encourages better farming practices, its a win win situation.
   The Hostal la Mexicana is on Calle Xalteva a half block toward the lake on the opposite side of the street. We happily recommend the dairy treats these wonderful folks have to offer.               

Ilias Georgiou showing some of his magnificent products
An unassuming exterior for such an amazing culinary treasure.

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