Monday, August 15, 2016

Opening of a new kindergarten in Granada

This is Mike...
Watching the kindergarten teacher, Ms. Lauren, take it upon herself to create a new learning environment for 3 to 5 year old children was inspiring. Ms. Lauren got the green light from the school administrators to open a new kindergarten but had to complete the school on her own with the donations of others. She was so overjoyed at the open house for the new kindergarten she could hardly contain herself. We all did a part to help as well. Zoe and Sierra made pillows and art supply holders for Ms. Lauren. Elise made delicious homemade lunches for nearly two weeks while the crews volunteered at the school. I had it easy writing a donation check and being the food and cooking supplies runner. We all took a little bit upon our shoulders and gained a lot in the experience in the process.
   Elise's food was so well received that she will be helping create a menu for the kindergarten that will hopefully be expanded to the elementary school. I doubt Elise ever thought she could be so instrumental in a childhood nutrition program but here she is taking on the challenge. She knows the most important thing is getting good tasting wholesome food in the kids bellies, especially the poor children's bellies. Right now the poorest of the school's children are not eating diversified healthy foods. The disadvantaged kids literally eat rice and beans everyday and only on good nights a small piece of chicken. Elise has a great menu in mind including items like crustless quiche, lasagne, hearty soups and so on. Creating a menu is hard enough but instructing others how to cook Italian homemade food will be her challenge. Seeing my family get excited about helping others is a gift that keeps on giving.

Some of the parents who gathered at the open house.

Two of the volunteers that worked so hard to paint the walls

This is when two fathers take pictures of those who take pictures

A very nice courtyard for the kids to play.

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