Sunday, August 28, 2016

Biblioteca Puedo Leer's anniversary

This is Mike...
Ever wonder what it would be like to retire early and change the world? We are so fortunate to have spoken with countless expats who have done just that, changed the world. Yeah, many of them will never be household names but for the local communities whom they help, they will never be forgotten. We had the pleasure of being invited to Biblioteca Puedo Leer's anniversary. Translated, the name means, "I can read library" and for many of the kids, they can now read thanks to this library's books and tutors. Imagine a life where access to knowledge is not so readily available? It is hard for most of us to fathom since we can Google anything at a moments notice.
   For many, the happy smiles and sense of community that libraries offer are things of the past but for these kiddos it is today's reality, thanks to the wonderful giving from those who wish to remain anonymous. The founders who started this mini but stuffed library, all retired early. Each of these early retirees found better callings in life than saving a little more money at the expense of another precious year lost. Their stories are beautiful, simple and inspiring. Take time to visit with some expats on your next vacation. They are often filled with knowledge and experiences that can greatly enhance your understanding of a local community.

The girls danced in traditional dress for the crowds

The kids saying thanks.

Some of the founders enjoying time with those who they help.

Potato sack race.

Parents around the world want the best for their kids.

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