Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to school, Granada style

This is Mike...
Today was the girls first day back to school. Both of our girls were nervous and excited, which was quite a sight to see while they were fussing over their hair and shoes. They, like most kids around the world, were filled with the anticipation that only the first day of school can provide. Just before we stepped out of the house, to go to school, Elise saw a stray horse tear open a trash bag along the side of the road. The horse smelled the aroma mangoes in the bag and did whatever it could to get to them before another horse showed up and stole the goods. Elise laughed and said, "You don't see that everyday." as she ran into our house to get a fresh celery stalk for the horse. Moments later Elise approached the horse to give it celery and our girls watched with nervous excitement, the horse took a sniff of what she had to offer but decide the mangoes were more his speed. Elise came back chuckling about how her celery wasn't good enough and our kids laughed. Every first day has it's thrills and dramas but not many like this with a stray horse eating mangoes from our neighbors trash. As parents, we hope these images and unique experiences stay with our kids and help shape them for years to come.

A skinny stray horse hit the jackpot with mangoes in our neighbors trash.

Two excited kiddos on the way to their first day of school.


  1. Que bellas! Mucho exito para esas dos princesas. Besos.

  2. Que bellas! Mucho exito para esas dos princesas. Besos.

  3. Poor, skinny horse looks like it's on the brink of death! Hugs to the girls - hope they enjoy their school this year.

  4. Hi I am so enjoying reading your blog. I am planning on travelling with my daughter next year to central or south america or maybe mexico and am looking around for schools. Any tips or advice you have for finding schools would be greatly appreciated. what schools have you liked and/or disliked? Thanks, Cathryn Rose

    1. Cathryn, we drove all the way to Argentina last year and we have some ideas for you. It really depends on time. For us, we found that Colombia and Nicaragua were the best with Peru at third place. Feel free to email me at for more info. We are happy here in Granada and know that San Juan del Sur is also good. In Medellin there is a wonderful part in the southern section called el Poblado we would be happy to recommend the best areas to you without any gain on our part.