Sunday, August 28, 2016

Colcibolca jockey club, just outside Granada

This is Mike...
We joined the Colcibolca jockey club as a way to get out of the town and into green space. Country clubs are pretty much the same world over, pay a membership and you can enjoy privacy and have exclusive amenities. We are, in general, not country club folks but for the quiet, green open spaces and nice trees for Zoe to climb we can make exceptions. Though, literally walking distance from Granada, it feels like a million miles away. We all forgot how much we missed the sweet scent of fresh cut grass until we went out there a few days ago. Granada is wonderful, walkable, and convenient but the lack of open natural spaces is wearing on us all. For most, green space is so soothing and for kids I believe nourishing. It is nice the jockey club is so close for us car-less people that we can get there in a walk. It would be nicer still, if bureaucrats recognized all communities need nature, and not just those with money. 
Standing by an historic train.

In the background is the club's horse racing track and polo field.

Less than 10 people were there while we were there.

Jumping for joy.

Back flips are now, all the rage.

Getting a better view of the world sometimes means changing perspective.

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