Monday, August 15, 2016

Our new kitty Buttercup

This is Mike...
We got a new kitten for Zoe and the girls named her Buttercup. Right around the same time we lost Tibbs, some jerk off tossed a kitten through an open window at the elementary school. We originally were going to help find a home for the kitten but ended up keeping her instead. Yeah, it is that easy to stumble across an unwanted domesticated pet in the third world. Buttercup is our first calico kitten and will make a fine addition to our family. We've had Buttercup for a couple weeks now and are taking her through all the preventative medication steps to ensure a healthy kitty for Zoe.
Buttercup is in heaven now.

Buttercup and Panda watching the world go by out our front door.

Panda likes having her ears licked clean by Buttercup.

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