Monday, August 15, 2016

Avoiding Granada's running of the bulls

This is Mike...
I know it sounds odd but we avoided this years running of the bulls here in Granada. We learned that the local government changed the bull running route to go by prominent politician's homes. Normally this would not be an issue for us, but... the walls and other barriers one could hide behind along the old route were in short supply on the new route. Thus, for safety's sake, we opted to not stand helplessly, eye to eye, next to multiple pissed off 1,000 plus pound bulls. Also the running of the bulls is quite inhumane and would have most likely been very traumatic for our daughters to see. Here is a clip from YouTube of a previous run  to see how crazy these runs can get.
   One of our friends that has similar aged children invited us over for a pool party instead. The adults had fun, the kids had fun, even the baby chicken and dogs had fun. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the excitement of a bull run if something safer and cooler comes your way. The hosts, Cecilia and Jose, are just such sweet folks and recently moved down to Granada from North Carolina. It is always nice to enjoy good times with great people.

The girls put on a dance show for the parents

Jose poking fun at me.

Danielo getting ready to sprint across the pool while Elise enjoys a cup of wine

Elise and Cecilia having some woman time.

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