Sunday, August 28, 2016

Night of myths and legends

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Oddly enough, it was just last week when I thought Granada would be taking a breather from the constant partying and relax for a while. Though the weekdays were tranquil and one could actually get an uninterrupted night of sleep, the celebrating continues. The energy of this town is reminiscent of Gloria Esteban's, hit song, "Rhythm is going to get you, tonight." Stay in Granada long enough and you will quickly realize, the rhythm will get you too.
   Last night's fiesta was noche de mitos y leyendas (night of myths and legends). The parade was a visual feast for the eyes, with ornate costumes and happy participants celebrating local myths and legends, as this clip shows . For many of the youngsters, the parade offers a way to piece together the scary stories that grandma and grandpa told them, after dinner, while swaying on their hammocks. These myths and legends go way back, and not just here. In most of Mexico and Central America myths and legends are tools elders use to help keep their unique cultures alive.
   After a restful week, I have to say it was nice to see people gathering, music blaring, and yes even those annoying bottle rockets again. Living in a UNESCO world heritage city has it's obvious benefits of beautiful buildings, location, and charm. It is the unexpected, though, which overcome the senses here. The clip clop of the horses trotting down the streets, the tolling of church bells in the distance, and the timelessness of the human condition. The truest extent of Granada's beauty is how one interacts with her flaws and her perfections and yet still finds time to dance with her, while the music plays and plays.

Parque Central, before all the crowds came for myths and legends.

Bands kept the juices flowing until the parade.

Beautiful main cathedral at night.

Vendors selling items for the night's parade.

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