Sunday, July 26, 2015

El Valle

This is Mike...
We went to El Valle about a week ago but haven't input an entry as we were having so much fun hanging out with the Coloradans. They left for the states yesterday morning and we are going to miss them a lot.
El Valle is often compared to Boquete maybe because the climate is similar but they are very different. Boquete is cooler in both temperature and attitude than El Valle. The vibe in Boquete is Hippy-ish yet practical and is still one of our favorite spots to date on this trip.  
The hills had steep spots but nothing like this sign would suggest. This sign would have been useful however, near Lago Atitlan, Guatemala, where it felt this steep and where we did lose our brakes.
The farmer's market in El Valle is pretty straight forward.
Zoe scratching her head looking for the best deal on bananas.
The hills around El Valle are pleasant but not wild like around Boquete.

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