Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Casco Viejo

This is Mike...
Chase and I braved the drizzling rain today to visit Casco Viejo and Miraflores Locks on the canal. Casco Viejo is nearly 340 years old and was built after the original Panama City was burned down and destroyed by Henry Morgan and other marauding pirates. Today Casco Viejo is a world heritage site with lots of history and charm. This part of the city is going through a construction boom now that expats have found this place enjoyable. It is not a safe place to visit at night because of nearby gangs, but it's a great place to see during the day.
One happy camper in Casco Viejo

The city is being revitalized and will one day regain it's former glory.

Parque Central

The French have made a big impact in this area as they tried to build a canal before the Americans. The French architectural flair still lingers in this sultry city by the sea.

Nice streets with buildings to match.

Deterioration affects all buildings in the old city.

Miraflores locks on the canal raise and lower ships for passage through the canal.

Goods from all over the world pass through these gates everyday.

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  1. I recall learning about the Panama Canal system in elementary school. Amazing that is till operates so well after so long. Enjoy the food, spas and Audi sightings while you're in the big city! love y'all!