Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ciudad de Panama

This is Mike...
We made it to Ciudad de Panama and promptly got lost in the maze of streets and drove right through the heart of the worst section of town. After about an hour and asking several locals we found our condo complex. We are staying just outside the financial district in the yuppy section of town. Here, Organic eateries, juice bars, and day spas reign supreme with the forty somethings trying to look like the twenty somethings.  Yesterday, we had some midday cocktails waiting to check into the condo, I commented on how I have seen more Audi sport cars here than in the whole trip through Central America. After I finished talking about the sport cars, three Audis drove by and we all laughed at the perfect timing. Panama is a world city and as such you can hear every language in the world spoken here. Hopefully tonight we can experience any food in the world too. We are all looking forward to some good curry vegetarian dishes as it is Chase's last night with us. We have an a full day of sight seeing planned to keep our minds busy so we don't keep reminding ourselves that this is Chase's last day. 
Bumper to bumper traffic at 1 in the afternoon.

Skyscrapers everywhere in Panama City (I just noticed the Audi in this picture and chuckled)

Cool buildings in the skyline
A misty view from Cerro Ancon (Ancon Hill) above the city
The view of the nighttime skyline from our veranda is stunning.

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