Friday, July 10, 2015

A vacation pause

This is Mike...
After 5 months, 8 countries and 10,000 miles of driving we have decided to take a break for a while in Panama. We are going to rent this condo for a month and recharge the batteries and contemplate our next steps. The kids were so happy to be able to tape their artwork on the walls and claim a spot for a while. There are other children here in the Coronado area for our kids to play with which is a plus. We have met a few folks so far and seeing that we will be here for a while I can see it will be easy to have cocktail thirty somewhere.
Chase left us a couple days ago and I have to say it was a pleasure hosting such an awesome, well thought out young man. Chase made the decision to stay and travel, and along the way I believe he found a couple new hobbies, mountain climbing and traveling. Chase expressed interest in traveling after he graduates high school next year and chill out for a while. I say, all the power to you Chase! Young adults today have it harder than we did. When we were younger average was good enough to get into college, today 4.0 or more and AP classes are the norm. It was refreshing to see such a hard working student learn how to thoroughly relax. The best part of it all were his smiles from ear to ear, that said it all. We miss you Chase.
Our view from our bedroom on the 23rd floor, the rooftop pool is one floor above us.

We like to listen to music and watch the world outside.

The sand is primarily black with some white sand interspersed, each high tide changes the color of the beach which makes it the biggest game of sand art ever for the kids.

The kids are so happy to just relax and make swirls in the bi-colored sand

The view of our condo from the ocean.

The black sand before the colors start mixing.

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  1. Hey guys,
    So good to hear that you are taking a break. You have picked a beautiful place. We've been rooting for you the whole way!
    Chris and Brenda