Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bocas del Toro

This is Mike...
We left Bocas del Toro and headed back to the Pacific side of Panama with our goal of getting to Panama City. Bocas del Toro was on our must see travel list since last year, when we visited Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica which is not too far away. While in Puerto Viejo, we saved an injured adolescent sloth and took it to a rescue center among other really cool things during that trip. It was in Puerto Viejo that we first got turned on to Bocas by fellow travelers who claimed Bocas was a must see. 
   Our stay on Bocas del Toro was not as good as we had hoped. Bocas was run down and dirty, which is surprising considering everything else in Panama has been above par compared with the rest of Central America. Seeing trash filled shanty neighborhoods with unmotivated people doesn't foster positive travel experiences. On Saturday though, a large group of people gathered to clean up a beach park, which was great! Elise, the kids and I, could not help notice that the people cleaning the beach park were the tourists while the healthy, physically fit locals watched on from reclined their positions. In the end, we did get a chance to see sloth on Bocas island, just not the animal. To be fair, once you're out of the more populated areas the island does become charming and quite picturesque. Still, the beauty was not enough for us to extend out stay.

We walked on the road at Playa Bluff during the rain while parrots flew in large boisterous flocks above us.

Zoe likes to check on Daddy to see what the hold up is.

We all enjoyed walking along the beach on this jungle road.

My kids like to walk barefoot in the warm rains.
The waves were too dangerous for swimming but the beach side was perfect.

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