Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nicaragua, not just about the cost

This is Mike...
We are getting some feedback on the dental post with some believing we came down here because it is cheaper than the states. Though affordable healthcare and a cheaper cost of living are benefits, we did not come here just for that. In fact, we loved Colombia just as much in those regards. We chose Nicaragua for many reasons but the deciding factor was the slower, more enjoyable pace of life. Nicaragua is not just about the cost, it is much more.
   Usually, the first question we get from bloggers in the states pertains to safety. Nowhere is it 100% safe but as long as you use common sense, this place is very safe.  More than that though, we are able to find our humanity again. Elise and I feel we can make a difference here and that people appreciate philanthropic gestures both big and small. Additionally, the pace of life is slow enough to where we can be introspective and daydream without it affecting our daily routines.
   A fellow blogger who dreams of re-discovering her family again through travel, asked about our biggest concern. The main concern we have right now is that our kids find some playmates so that they are able to play, and learn about relationships. The children at their school live rather far away, so arranging any playtime after school would be difficult. We are hoping for an opportunity to meet people near us so that our kids could have an even better time. We know our children appreciate us but also realize that we are poor substitutes for true playmates. If you are serious about your family trip, I say keep an open mind and see how things play out. I would not worry too much ahead of time as your concerns may never materialize. The more immediate concern is actually finding a place that can accommodate 6 people in whatever price range you are targeting. As for re-discovering your family, I hope each of you find what you're looking for, regardless where you end up :)
   On a different topic, previous expats down here have made our transition easier, even if they don't realize it. There are many internet groups that have valuable information so that newcomers like us don't have to reinvent the wheel upon arrival. We are not the first family to come to Nicaragua from abroad and won't be the last. Thus, the lists and helpful links will continue to grow. 
    Finally, for those of you asking how long we are going to live abroad. The only response I have is, whether we stay here for months or years, the impact Nicaragua has had upon us will not soon be forgotten.  

My favorite house in Granada.

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