Saturday, May 14, 2016

Moving day Granada style

This is Mike...
   As with any move I was stressed out. I don't know why I always stress out with moves, but I do. Today, we had to meet the rental manager at our new place, one hour before the movers were scheduled to show up at our other place to move the luggage. While hurrying between locations I walked straight into a utility pole support cable, scratching my forehead. My mind was just too preoccupied to notice the completely obvious cable in front of my face. Adding to my worry, my ribs are still recuperating from the fall. Thus, I knew I could only stand there and be in the way.
   The movers showed up on time and ready to work. The whole process took less than an hour as we were only moving a half mile as the crow flies. As for our moving van,  well let"s just say the horse looked thirsty. The men loaded all the luggage on the back of the horse-drawn cart in three minutes or less. They were so efficient that it made me wonder how fast we could get robbed if it ever happened.
   The ride from our old rental to the new rental was bouncy which would not normally be an issue except that my ribs are still healing. The horse had intestinal gas and it's posterior was literally inches from my knee, suffice it to say the aroma was not a bouquet of flowers. When I arrived to the new rental the girls were so excited to see daddy. I wonder what it must be like to be my daughters to see their daddy in such situations. After all, its not everyday one arrives bouncing on a wagon bearing luggage and salutations.
   Though today was stressful for me it was worth it.. In the end, we have better accommodations, closer commute to school and the ability to extend the length of stay if we desire. Now we need to reshuffle our stuff to settle in. With my wife's magic touch this place should start to feel like home in a matter of days.

The moving truck was loaded.

Skinny, overheated, thirsty horse

My knee was within millimeters of this gaseous beast's posterior.

We trotted by nice homes en route to our place.

The weekends are big furniture delivery days in Granada.

My kids were amazed that daddy could actually do it :)

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