Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kitten 411

This is Mike...
We have many blog followers inquiring about our kittens. To sum it up, if there were such a thing as a lottery for kittens than these kittens would have won it. The kittens are doing much better after their de-worming, chemical bath and better food. Goes to show, that with a little love and proper care, animals can blossom. We will eventual get them fixed, until then lots of sleeping, biting on each others tails and wrestling is what the doctor ordered.
    Speaking about the blog, today we broke 255,000 hits from over 22,000 different IP addresses from all around the world. We hope this blog provides good insight for anyone considering traveling with their family abroad. We have been approached about monetizing this blog but as yet have decided against it based on our initial trial run many months ago. In the meantime, enjoy the posts and we will try to keep up with your feedback.  

Sierra and Tikka

Zoe and Tibbs

The girls arguing over who's turn it is to clean the litter box.

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